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Friday, April 12, 2013

Changing Pad and Diaper Holder plus Custom Wipes Case

In my last post you read about the baby shower we hosted for my cousin's wife. Today I'm going to share with you the fruits of my hand made baby gift making labors.

Maybe what I love most about this particular project is that I used the same fabric for her changing pad and diaper, wipes holder as I did for her bridal shower a year earlier. Ah, the wonder of "neutral" fabrics.

I followed this awesome tutorial over at Cluck, Cluck Sew to make the changing pad and diaper holder. Great instructions, and it was a very quick sew, even for a total beginner/novice like me.

First up though, the custom wipes case. This has been done over and over, so nothing new here. A friend made one for me for my first son and I loved having it in my diaper bag. There's just something about a custom wipes case that makes getting wipes out for diapers, sticky faces, snotty noses, and dirty hands just a little sweeter. I simply traced the case on one piece of felt and one piece of fabric for the front and the back, then hotglued it on, and trimmed it in black grosgrain ribbon. Added a bow and black button to the top, easy peasy, and cute!

The changing pad.
I used a black minky fabric for the inside.

Would easily hold a few diapers and the wipes case.
All wrapped up neat and tidy with a velcro clasp.
When it gets dirty just toss it in the wash and use again.
Creating handmade baby things is my new sewing obsession. The projects just seem simple and quick, very satisfying to this newbie on the sewing machine. Right now I'm in th emiddle of a baby quilt for my son who will turn one in May. It seems rather large for a baby, so it's okay that I'm just now getting to finishing it. ;-)
Have a happy Friday!

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