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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY: Big and Lil Elephant Appliqued Shirts

Well, hello craft blog. I've missed you. Therefore, I'm going to write a post for you today.

My mom's the crafty type...as I've mentioned before. She apparently has had about as much time to blog about crafting as I have in the last year (not much...).

So, this project is one of her's and I'm going to blog it for her.

In May we added a little guy to the family and my mom made Big and Lil shirts for each of my boys. I dressed the boys up in them for their first visit to the zoo together this summer.

The letters are animal print cotton fabric that have been ironed on. The elephant is a unique fabric. Quite ingenius if you ask me. It's just a good ol' grease rag (unused of course) she sneaked from my dad's plentiful stash in his shop. She used braided embroidery thread for the tail and a corner piece of the rag for the elephant's ear. The elephant body is simply ironed on and the ear is sewn on.

elephant applique

elephant grease rag applique
Cutting the elephant on the edge of the rag left him with toes.

My adorable guys showing off their shirts.
The jean shorts are covering up the GUY on my littlest.