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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Contributor to the Blog!

Big news today! Some of you may have already noticed the second name on the list of contributors, but in case you haven't....please allow me to introduce my new Smith Craft Adventures blogging partner.

My mom!

My mom and I live three hours and one state line apart and I am so excited to have her join me on this blog. I think if craft/diy home stuff blogs had existed when I was an adolescent my mother would have had one. Well, maybe. I should probably rephrase that as my mother should have had one. I'm not sure with four of her own children running around and two nephews she watched full time she would have had time to blog.

Remember how cool puffy paint outlined appliques were in the late 80s? My sister and I always had matching shirts for every holiday of the year with the puffy paint outlined appliques. Halloween costumes? Yep. She did those too. My siblings and I hauled many a years of cash away from our local costume contests for it too. Matching Easter dresses complete with white gloves? Yes, those too. Then, there was that couple of years that dolled up teddy bears were really cool (she was doing it WAY before Build a Bear came along) and she made them as gifts for many. Fake flower wreaths and arrangements were also a specialty of hers during the 90s. Themed birthday parties complete with goodie bags and kid crafts were also enjoyed during her children's growing up years.

She's the seamstress in our family and it's very handy having her expertise while I'm learning to sew. As her family has grown to include dozens of great nieces and nephews and grandchildren she has honed her skills at making baby blankets and quilts. Handmade baby gifts of all varieties are right up her alley. She made the curtains for both nurseries her grandsons sleep in. She loves to garden too and she's planning on sharing her favorite spots around the yard with you soon. She's also tried her hand at wedding decoration for ceremony location and reception and been quite successful. Very recently she took on spray painting plumbing fixtures and lights to update her goldy-oldy 90s styled bathroom. Major improvement to the look of her master bath!

She's kinda shy about her work, but her work is way cool. And, when it isn't and she asks my opinion, she already knows I'm going to say it isn't (I can be honest with her...really), because she knows it's not quite right before she asks! Know anybody like that in your life? I hope so. Everybody needs someone to be honest about their work with them (kindly honest of course). She's sorta a perfectionist about her creations too, almost to a fault... Gee, where I have I heard of someone like that before? (HEL-LO....ME) I've been begging her to join me since the beginning of this blog because she has so many creative things going on and I know the blog world would love to see them.

There's no set schedule to posting, so I can't promise a date to expect her first post... I just wanted you to know who she was before she just popped up here. I hope you'll enjoy what she has to share and you'll leave her some comment love!

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